1982 Fender 62´Reissue Stratocaster Sunburst – Fullerton



Location: Miami (Florida) United States (US)

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1982 Fender Stratocaster Fullerton 62 RI AVRI

Over time I tried several types of pickups, and with all of them it sounded very good, it is an incredible guitar, but in 2009 I ended up installing an old 1988 Seymour Duncan on the 6.2K bridge, and two Fender Custom shop Abigail Ybarra in the middle and the neck (all highly rated)

The Pots were also replaced by new CTS around the same time, I didn’t have the originals either

The pickup selector is a vintage 3 positions NOS CRL that I got a few years ago, I have seen them advertised for up to $300.

The frets were also replaced many years ago and are in Perfect condition.

The paint, the pickguard, the pegs, the bridge are original.

The neck is quite thin, very typical of these reissues.

The look of the guitar is incredible, it looks like an original from 1962

Its bumps and scratches are original from use, no one intervened in this

I don’t know why it has erased what says “stratocaster” on the headstock even though I bought it.

Weight 7.79 pounds

 3,584 kg