If you’re tired of paying fees over your sales, you are in the right place! This marketplace is TOTALLY FREE OF ANY COST, and you can contact the seller/buyer without restrictions. The Reverb alternative.


Sdrang.com is just a free advert showcase. If you have to complete a sale you will have to do it independently by contacting the interested person. Sdrang.com assumes no responsibility for any problem during a possible sale between people who met through this site.

If you want to sell a musical instrument on this site, you have to REGISTER.

When the registration process is complete and you are logged in, all the functions will be available in a simple one-section MENU:

  • SELL: +ADD NEW, Listings, Ads replies, Media manager, Store SETTINGS;
  • BUY: Wishlist, Followed sellers, Questions to sellers.


  • Is Sdrang.com really free for everyone? Yes, absolutely, SDRANG.com is just a convenient showcase of ads, no money “circulates” on the site, signing up and posting adverts is FREE FOR EVERYONE, there are no hidden costs or commissions. The site was developed exclusively to allow easy contact between people who want to search for or sell musical instruments through a convenient platform equipped with all the filters for the specific characteristics.
  • Is Sdrang.com also free for shopkeepers? Yes, absolutely, furthermore, to make it easier for a shopkeeper who perhaps already has his own site where he sells instruments, it is possible to link the advert directly to his site, choosing the appropriate “External product / proprietary” option when inserting a new product. affiliation” and inserting the link, or you can also insert a link directly into the text of the ad.
  • Do I have to be logged in to do a search for an item and contact a seller? No, you can do any search and freely message any seller on SDRANG without being registered! Within the details of each ad, there is a special button that will open up the space to write and send a message to the seller.
  • Can I know the phone number or other data of the seller? Yes, click on the store name on the product page. You will be redirected to the main shop page where the seller, taking full responsibility, makes available personal data such as phone number, email address, etc.
  • What should I do to protect me from scams? To protect yourself from scams and safely make your purchases, we recommend that you buy only after carefully checking the identity of the seller and to never send money to prepaid cards or Western Union and MoneyGram. SDRANG takes no responsibility for fraud or scams that may occur on this site. Use Paypal to pay the seller can be a good solution. If something looks suspicious, please let us know by contacting us on the contact page choosing “Report an abuse” and sending us the ad link.
  • Is SDRANG a shop? No. SDRANG.com is not a shop, so it does not sell to the public. SDRANG.com is a site that collects musical instruments ads published by users.
  • How can I put a product on sale? To post an ad on SDRANG.com you must first register on the site, log in and go under MENU → +NEW PRODUCT. After that, you have to fill in all the mandatory fields and click on SUBMIT. If you make mistakes don’t worry! You will be able to edit your ad as many times as you want.
  • What should I write in the ad title? The title is the most important part of the ad because it attracts the attention of buyers. We suggest you to write simply: BRAND + MODEL. This to make the reader immediately understand what is being proposed, and therefore to have more chances that the ad will be clicked, it is better to summarize the content as much as possible. Ad title is limited to 60 characters.
  • What should I NOT write in the title? Do not include vulgar, obscene, defamatory, offensive immoral words, or, in any case, detrimental to the rights of others. Do not include names of several brands (such as Fender, no Gibson, no Ibanez …) or, in general, keywords that are not directly connected to the item on sale, with the purpose of “intercepting” user searches. Do not enter web addresses, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers.
  • What should I write in the description? The “Description” field of the ad can contain free text. Unlike the title, the ad content will have to provide a detailed description of what is being proposed. It is, therefore, necessary to expose information and technical details concerning the item.
  • What should I NOT write in the description? The text of the ad must comply with the law. There can not be any vulgar, defamatory, offensive content, or, in any case, anything harmful to the rights of others. It is not allowed to deal with unlawful, duplicated, counterfeited or dubious material. It is not allowed to only insert links to other sites. They can be inserted only to provide further information. The text must only deal with the sale of musical instruments. Any other content is not allowed, such as scam’s reports, opinions or comments on users or ads. All ads that do not comply with these simple rules may be removed by our staff without notice.
  • How can I insert an image? If you have saved your ad without an image you can still add later. You must go to SELL → Listings and edit your ad. You can upload 1 main picture and 19 gallery pictures. Click on the empty pic space and upload pictures by selecting or simply dropping them on the open window. After that, click on the “Add to Gallery” button. The default sorting is by name (or number). You can change the sorting of images by dragging them from their original position. The accepted formats are JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. Images can be replaced or removed as many times as desired. Images in ads are protected by copyright laws, so you can not use images from other advertisers or other sites without their consent. The images, as well as the text, must not contain any vulgar, obscene, offensive or damaging content.
  • How long does it take for an ad to be published? The publication is immediate.
  • Can I move an ad from one category to another? Of course! You can always change it: just enter MENU  Listings, edit your ad and change the category from the appropriate menu. You can choose only 1 category per product.
  • How long will my ad remain publish? There’s no limit: each ad remains published on SDRANG.com until you delete it.
  • Is it possible to highlight my ads? For now is not possible.
  • What is the SKU code for? The SKU code is a code used to uniquely identify an ad.
  • How can I remove an ad? By accessing MENU → Listings, you can delete an ad by simply clicking on “Delete”, which will appear on the right of each ad. Pictures associated to the ad will be deleted too.


It is absolutely forbidden to insert advertisements for the sale of items other than musical instruments or parts/accessories connected to them.
It is absolutely forbidden to insert advertisements for the sale of counterfeit musical instruments or dubious or illicit origin.
It is absolutely forbidden to write vulgar, obscene, defamatory, offensive, immoral words that may damage the rights of others or that violate the law in any way.
It is absolutely forbidden to write various brands (example: no Gibson, no Esp, no Jackson…) or, in general, words that are not directly related to the item you are putting up for sale, in order to attract searches.
It is absolutely forbidden to write opinions or comments that concern other sellers or customers.
It is absolutely forbidden to insert images protected by copyright (copyright) or images of other advertisements or other sites, without specific consent. Even the images, like the texts, must not contain any vulgar, obscene, offensive, immoral scene, which infringes the rights of others or which violates the law in any way.
SDRANG.com reserves the right to delete any advertisement that violates these rules without notice.


How to register on SDRANG.com?
Simply click on REGISTER and follow the steps:

  • Fill out the registration form with your data: Username, Email (this address will be used for customer requests and/or notifications from this site), Verification Code (instantly sent to your email), Store Name and flag “Agree” on “Terms & Conditions”.
  • Then click on REGISTER.
  • On the confirmation page, click on PROCEED.
  • After registration, you can choose between GO TO DASHBOARD and SETUP YOUR STORE (recommended option, which will redirect you to Store Settings).


  • Why register? Only registered members can access the reserved area and use the free services offered by SDRANG.com (insert, modify, cancel ads and contact other advertisers).
  • I did not receive the Verification Code via my email. How can I receive it? There may be delays in receiving the email due to your provider: if that is the case, just wait a few minutes. If you do not receive an email after waiting, please abort the registration process and try again after a few minutes. If you still can’t register, please contact us indicating your registration data and we will do it manually.
  • I can’t remember my login information: what can I do? If you have forgotten your login information, click on Lost your password? on the login page. We will send you the link to reset your password.
  • I would like to change my login credentials: what can I do? Log in and go to MENU  Settings. You are allowed to change all your data except for your email.
  • Is there a difference between the upper and lower case when entering the password? Yes. Make sure you have entered upper and lower case correctly.
  • How can I cancel my account? Simply click HERE, select “Cancellation” and complete the form. All your information will be removed from our database.


Once registration is completed and logged in, all the functions will be available in a very simple MENU:

  • Sell
    • + NEW AD: insert a new ad to sell a musical instrument;
    • Listings: the list of adverts you have entered, from here you can consult, modify, duplicate or delete an advert;
    • Ads replies: contains the list of messages that people have sent you for the instruments you are selling, these responses will also arrive via email and you can respond either directly via email (recommended) or from this section;
    • Media manager: from this section you can view or delete the images uploaded to your media library.
    • Store Settings: from this section you can enter the details of your shop such as: Name, Slug (url address, changing this field requires you to exit and re-enter the user area to finalize the change), Email, Telephone, Logo, Banner, Description and others characteristics; IMPORTANT: by entering the location of the shop, the relevant pointer will appear on the shop map.
  • Buy
    • Wishlist: on this page you can consult and manage the instruments you have marked with the little heart at the top left of the ad photo.
    • Followed sellers: on this page you can consult and manage the shopkeepers (users) you have decided to follow by clicking on the “Follow” link that appears within the shops. You will receive an email every time one of the followed retailers publishes a new advert.
    • Questions to sellers: contains the list of messages you have sent to sellers for instruments you are interested in;
  • Logout → : to exit the user area.