ST, Strat, stratocaster style all hardware Silver/White + Free shipping


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Full set guitar accessories for DIY of ST style electric guitar (the only thing you need is a body and a neck)
The main parts such as potentiometers and pickups are well connected on the pickguard, and no more soldering is required.
5-way selector switch, single tremolo bridge, 3 single-coil pickup, 1 volume, and 2 tone controls.
Also includes guitar string pegs, a bridge, a connection jack, mounting screws, etc.


  • St style pickup
  • single coil
  • passive
  • white


  • ST style pickguard
  • Solid white color
  • (see measurements)

All of the screws will be provided

Package includes:

  • Loaded pickguard (with screws)
  • tuners x6 (with screws)
  • String trees x2 (with screws)
  • String nut
  • tremolo bridge
  • tremolo craw (with screws)
  • tremolo springs x3
  • tremolo bar
  • tremolo back cover (with screws)
  • Neck plate (with screws)
  • output jack (with screws)
  • Strap buttons x2 with screws

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