Self-adhesive tortoise shell acoustic pickguard + Free shipping


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Enhance your guitar’s look and protect its body with our premium Guitar Pickguard. This pickguard offers both style and functionality, ensuring your instrument remains in top condition while reflecting your unique personality.

Featuring a classic tortoiseshell design, this pickguard is crafted from high-quality materials to provide durable protection against scratches and wear caused by strumming and picking. The rich, warm tones of the tortoiseshell pattern add a touch of elegance to any acoustic guitar.

Easy to install, this pickguard adheres securely to your guitar’s body without causing any damage or leaving residue. Whether you’re looking to replace an old pickguard or customize your guitar’s appearance, this design ensures a perfect match for your acoustic guitar.

Upgrade your guitar today with our stylish and protective tortoiseshell pickguard, and play with confidence knowing your instrument is shielded and looking its best. Order now and give your guitar the makeover it deserves!

Fits 39-41 inch acoustic guitars

made from replica tortoise shells as tortoise shell harvesting leads to endangerment of tortoise/turtles and is illegal in most countries

as a bonus, reduce CO2 emissions as this item will be shipped from an overseas warehouse.

And as another bonus get yours without leaving your home and without spending on shipping (🌎FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING)

If for any reason you’re not absolutely thrilled with the product, you can return it completely free of charge and get a full refund! It’s an unbelievable offer, wouldn’t you agree?