P&P Tartar/Flannel/checkered guitar and bass strap + Free shipping


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Are you tired of not being able to play your guitar standing up? then this is the product for you

Tartan Plaid pattern design, 
Compact, practical, and durable.Provides maximum comfort for standing situations.The length of the strap is Adjustable 


Material: Cotton + embroidery.

Color: As the picture shows
End: Genuine Leather

Length: 86-150cm (Measurement  has an error of ±1cm, thank you)

Width: 5cm

To reduce CO2 emissions, this item will be shipped from an overseas warehouse.

And as a bonus get yours without leaving your home and without spending on shipping (🌎FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING)

Smiles 100% guaranteed.

If for any reason you’re not absolutely thrilled with the product, you can return it completely free of charge and get a full refund! It’s an unbelievable offer, wouldn’t you agree?