multiple guitar effects pedals with pedal board


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Everything you need! Included with the Pedaltrain2 board with soft case are Morley A-B switch, T-Rex Yellow Drive (overdrive), Arion MOC-1 (octave), MXR M-102 Dynacomp (compressor), BBE Mindbender (chorus/vibrato), BBE Two Timer (delay), ISP Decimator (noise suppressor),

Snark tuner,

Danelectro Fab Distortion, Behringer Slo Motion, Powerall 9ECB power supply with extension, and various 1/2″ connector cables. These were used lightly in a Church setting only be me and were well taken care of. They are in excellent condition.

This is a deal! May need some new velcro on the pedal backs.

Shipping at buyers expense.