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Have you ever had to deal with lost or broken control knobs on your Marshall amplifier? Look no further! These high-quality replacement knobs offer the perfect fix. Designed specifically for Marshall amps, they ensure a firm grip and precise control. Upgrade your amp with these stylish and reliable knobs, and enjoy a seamless user experience.

Material: knobs are made of ABS; the cap is made of Aluminum
Total Height: about 16mm; Outer diameter at the base: about 20mm
Fits Marshall Amplifiers with 6mm Shaft Pots, these knobs DO not fit ‘D’ shaft Pots
Push-on fit, no brass insert or set screw, Aluminum knobs are for sonic equipment or rotary potentiometers.
Due to the wide variety of amplifiers and parts in the market, please be sure to verify the diameter of the pots on your AMP before you change the knobs for your amplifier

size: Diameter 20mm, height 16mm, inner diameter 6mm
Material: ABS, aluminum sheet
color: Black, Gold

Package Contents:
20 x Marshall knobs replacement

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