LandTone ABY box Handmade combiner Truebypass pedal + Free shipping


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ABY box combiner pedal BI-directional/omnidirectional

Dimension: 110X60X30mm

ABY signal switch pedal Signal path from A/B to Y, or from Y to A/B, Truebypass, Split between your amps or combine the two.

Power: Boss/Ibanez style 9v 2. mm Barrel-Btyle Adapter (NOT INCLUDED) , Will work without power minus LED indication.

Weight: 320g

Made of sturdy metal alloy

Yellow finish

To reduce CO2 emissions, this item will be shipped from an overseas warehouse.

And as a bonus get yours without leaving your home and without spending on shipping (🌎FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING)

If for any reason you’re not absolutely thrilled with the product, you can return it completely free of charge and get a full refund! It’s an unbelievable offer, wouldn’t you agree?