Gibson Flying V 2015 Japan Limited 70s spec pre Kirk Hammett


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Gibson Flying V 2015 Japan Limited – Vintage Sunburst – pre Kirk Hammett, mint conditions with original case and all tags included.

Gibson Flying V 2015 Japan Limited, Model DSVJVSCH3, made in USA in 2015.
This special edition Reissue reproduces the specifications of a flying V around 1975 (at that time the Flying V had teporarily disappeared from the regular line and was sold only in Japan).

– HEADSTOCK: classic 70’s rounded headstock shape, less pointed than standard editions, equipped with Grover’s tuning machine.

– NECK: mahogany with very comfortable neck shape that was made to be right in between a 59 and 60. The neck shape uses a special 43mm Flying V Slim Profile, and while the neck is thinly finished, it has a traditional style but has a good grip that modern players will not feel uncomfortable when changing hands.

– FINGERBOARD: made of granadillo, which is relatively harder than rosewood and has firmer acoustic characteristics.

– BODY: lightweight mahogany with vintage style volume knobs.

– PICKUPS: The pickups are the Gibson PAF definitive edition, 57Classic and 57Classic+. The clean tone is bright and detailed, and the reproduction of the nuances and phrases at hand is high, allowing you to enjoy a crisp sound.When driving, thanks to its brightness, the well-rounded sound is useful even in rock genres. The mid-low range has a clean and easy-to-handle character, and the bright, well-organized high range is an impressive combination. I know Vs are commonly associated with the Dirty Fingers pickup but playing a V with normal output pickups makes this such an awesome guitar. This guitar has a vibe. It’s easy to pick up and start playing. This is also a very resonant guitar which I was not expecting.

– COLOUR: The dark Vintage Sunburst color gives it a calming appearance, and it is a cool item with a cool astringency.

This is a rare spec model that was a rare Japan-only model.
Weight about 3.2kg