Gibson CS Les Paul Gold Top ’54 RI, Original Vintage Parts



Location: BARI (Bari) Italy

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This is a Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Gold Top R4 or 1954 Historic Reissue VOS from 2008, with the major upgrade of vintage original parts from the 1950’s. This is indeed the closest you can get to an original 1953-1954 Les Paul Model without breaking your bank account. Actually the economic worth of the original vintage parts equals or exceeds the original value of the guitar.

The upgrades are as follows:

  • Exceedingly rare and beatiful set of vintage original and period correct Kluson tuners single line / no brand from the early 1950’s. These tuners were re-tipped with the legendary Uncle Lou’s tips and work way better than any other set of Klusons I’ve ever came across
  • Nut made with Original Vintage NOS nylon 4.6 provided by R/S Guitarworks – Kentucky
  • Couple of original vintage 1956 Les Paul P90 “Soapbar” pickups
  • Couple of original vintage 1952/1953 cream pickup covers. These are very thin and fragile and present some wear (see pictures). If you are interested, I can also include the covers from 2008, original to the guitar.
  • Original Vintage 1956 cream Pickguard with original bracket

This video shows the vintage original parts under blacklight:

This guitar is nicknamed “Peyote” and has been one of my personal guitars since 2010. It boasts terrific tone and I’ve used it extensively in live shows, videos and studio recordings. Please find in attachment one of the videos of my Youtube channel where it showed up. This has always been an important part of my “guitar arsenal” I can’t believe that I’m letting it go but I just need a new car to travel with my band. Half the price of a “Murphy Lab” or “Collector’s Choice”, twice the tone and the mojo. I can ship worldwide or you are welcome to come to collect the guitar personally.