FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor Audio Fractal



Location: Gretna (Nebraska) United States (US)

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only used at home so very good condition.

The FM3 is just a great device. It offers insanely good sound and comes with almost everything the Axe-Fx III has to offer. The presets are somewhat limited by the computing power, but leave enough leeway for almost all effects required in “normal” applications. And they sound great too. Due to the many options, operation is a bit more complex than with the competition, but it’s not difficult either: Simply insert the desired amp, a cab and a few effects into the grid and connect them. Complete. That sounds good right away. After that you can fine-tune.

I see the entire Helix family as a direct competitor, which also sounds great and is a little cheaper. Depending on which usage concept you are pursuing, the Kemper Profiler Stage is also a great device.

But real competition comes first and foremost from within the company itself: the Axe-Fx III is and will remain the flagship. It can do a little more of everything, but is also about twice as expensive. If I didn’t already have the top model, I would probably choose the FM3. Despite the high price in absolute terms, you simply have to certify that it offers good value for money.