Floyd rose bridge string changer + Free shipping


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Use this innovative electric guitar parts shim to greatly reduce your string-adjusting time. Replacing broken strings on a floating guitar bridge tremolo doesn’t need to be meticulous.

No need to continuously hold the whammy bar when adjusting or removing strings. Simply push the bar down once and slide the string changer guitar shim under the bridge.

Keep your guitar in pristine condition. When replacing tremolo parts, slips can happen creating dents and gouges in your guitar.

ABS bottom covers the entire underside of this shim, preventing scratching and holding it in place, making it easier to make adjustments. The tapered sides run the entire length of the shim, making it simple to insert under the bridge.

*The shim fits both 6 and 7 string tremolo floating bridges.


Material: ABS

Size:14 x 3.8cm

Package includes:

Floating Tremolo Bridge Shim*1

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